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Aluminium Doors – Why Are They The Best Choice For You?

If you have a commercial property, you’re going to need a door. Naturally, it acts as the way people get in and out of the property, but it also contributes to the image of the company at the same time. A door which is well designed and good looking will help to reinforce a positive image for your business, in the same way, that a poorly designed and low-quality door will reflect poorly on you. To try and ensure that the right kind of door is used, a lot of people try and get an aluminium door for their commercial property. But is it the right choice for you and your business?
Aluminium – A Look At The Benefits

So the question which we find ourselves confronted with is this. Why use aluminium as a material to create doors with for a commercial property? Aluminium has a reputation for being strong and durable, which makes it a desired material for a door. However, the main advantages are yet to come. What you’ll come to find with aluminium is that it’s very lightweight and thin, meaning it has an application in almost any circumstance. As well as this, people who use aluminium find that it is highly immune to many forms of rusting and chemical damage. Metals usually oxidise in the air, but aluminium takes much, much longer to do so, to the point you’ll have replaced the material before you see the rust form. Not only that, but there’s also a naturally occurring acidic content in the rain which gradually wear away at the metallic elements of any building. Aluminum is so desirable as a building material because it is not affected by this rusting, meaning that you can keep the door in place with confidence and not have to worry about it becoming damaged.

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What Are The Best Aluminium Doors?

Obviously, when you are scouring through aluminium door suppliers Manchester, you’re going to be looking for the right door for your commercial property. The door is such an essential part of the building as we’ve said, not only with regards to keeping a good image but also to make sure that you choose a cost-effective means of allowing people in and out of your property.
The Senior SPW 600 is one choice which is highly recommended for anyone looking to get an aluminium door for their business. What you’re getting with this door is something comprised of tested aluminium which has been designed to offer the best kind of performance while still being a cost-effective and efficient way to keep a door on your premises. There’s a high level of flexibility with this particular frame of the door because you can have it made for you as either a single or a double set of doors depending on your needs. Not only that, but there’s plenty of scope for the doors to be integrated into a wide selection of different building fronts to ensure that you’re not without what you need.

Alternatively, if you’re looking through the list of aluminium door suppliers Manchester, you may find that the Senior SPW 300 is equally a valid option for you to choose from. This is similar to the SPW 600 in design and construction, but it is a much slimmer and sleeker variant which is designed for light commercial properties. For a business which deals more with the paperwork and online side of things, this would be a good door choice for the building. It’s designed to the same high standards of the 600 but isn’t built for the same heavy-duty lifestyle. This in itself can manifest as a more sophisticated design and allows the 300 to be utilised in many building choices that wouldn’t be appropriate on a very physical work site. It sees a lot of use in the office environment, where the more passive atmosphere works better than a warehouse or fabrication site. This is reflected in the design, which features a range of different colours, so it fits into any building without any worry or concern. This distinguishment of locations is something that any company should look out for, as you’re obviously not going to want the same door for your office as you would a warehouse. The 300 is designed to be a little bit neater, and more decoration, which helps to keep the front facing image of a building safe and secure.

Overall, finding aluminium door suppliers Manchester has never been easier in a modern world. Obviously, you need to make sure that you know exactly what kind of door you need for your premises before you start searching for one. A lot of places will manufacture two different styles of a door at least, to cater to both the elements of a business. After all, it is not uncommon for a company to be comprised of two entirely different worlds; the rough and gritty world of a warehouse where the crucial manual work is done, and also the sleeker and appearance oriented public side of a business where the customers come and interact with you, and a lot of the paperwork and customer service would take place.

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It, therefore, stands to reason that you would need two different kinds of doors for two different elements. The tougher and more versatile 600 model is good for the warehouse environment, whereas the 300 model is designed for the lighter commercial use. What you choose to use is entirely up to your need and preference, but there’s no doubt that an aluminium door is a way forward regardless. With all of its many natural benefits, there is no doubt that it’s a useful material to have an entry fabricated from. Not only is it strong and durable, but it has been designed to be cost-effective, long-lasting and invulnerable to a lot of chemical based weathering, which is a quality that a lot of materials simply do not have on their own.