When you’re looking at the right type of door for your business, you’ll want one which is long lasting and durable. The popular alternatives are usually either aluminium or uPVC. While both have their advantages, aluminium shines out above its competitor as being the superior option, especially for high traffic areas, you can’t beat aluminium doors for your business

We’re taking a look at why this is. 

Aluminium is more durable

One of the first and most important points about aluminium is that it is the more durable material. Thanks to its design, which is lightweight yet durable, the aluminium door will stand the test of time for far longer than a uPVC counterpart, with some doors being able to stay strong for up to 10 years. The compound is built to last much more so than uPVC, which ensures that it a much more efficient choice for a door regarding longevity, as you can make it last much longer without the need for maintenance and repair. This makes it a more cost effective solution in the sense that you do not need to keep getting new doors installed. This is also the main reason why you don’t see UPVC bi folds but more aluminium doors that are bi folding.

Aluminium is also very malleable

An advantage to using aluminium instead of using uPVC is that it’s very malleable. This means that you can bend it and warp it to suit your needs, and it won’t break or lose any of its strength. This makes it a more versatile material than the more rigid uPVC, which is nowhere near as flexible. You can use aluminium for a wide range of different doors, and it will be able to fit whatever shapes you need it to.

There are more colour options available to you

The colours of a shop are very important for advertising it to people who walk past. Something which is muted and quite drab may not get as much attention as something which is very colourful and brightly decorated, for example. Aluminium holds an advantage over uPVC in that it boasts a far superior range of colours for the door, which makes it more suited to fit in with any kind of design.

Aluminium is much more resistant to chemical weathering

From a practical perspective, aluminium is much better for the use of a door because it can defend against chemical based weathering for a much longer duration. Oxidisation and naturally occurring acidic content within rain can both contribute to the wearing down of doors, as they’re constantly exposed to a battery of abuse from the weather, which can more often than not be very wet due to the weather in the UK. The design of aluminium, however, makes it resistant to the acidic content of the rain, preventing it from being worn away as easily, and also takes an incredibly long time to oxidise. This makes it good for places such as coastal towns, where the brunt of the storms will hit when they first come to the mainland.

Aluminium is actually better for the environment

Many shop owners may be considering the effect they’re having on the environment in everything they do, and for the environmentally conscientious folk, aluminium is actually the far superior choice. Not only is the material actually 100% recyclable, it is also much easier to reuse, needing on average only 5% of the total energy which would be required to create a brand new sheet, making it much better for those who want to run a shop and not have a massive impact on the environment whenever they repair and maintain their shopfront. This makes it a superior choice when compared to uPVC in terms of sustainability and recyclability.

Aluminium is very reflective of heat

A good thing about aluminium is that it is very reflective of both light and heat energy. This means that it isn’t going to become too hot to touch, as it reflects heat and light back away from itself. This means that on hot days, there’s no risk of your customers hurting themselves on a hot surface outside the shop. This is great because it both protects your customers from harm, and also the reflective properties means that it will not absorb large amounts of radiation. This makes it a safer and more appealing choice than uPVC in terms of protecting customers and reflecting radiation.

Aluminium is both impermeable and also odourless 

Due to its unique design, aluminium is waterproof. This means that regardless of how thin the layer is, there’s no way for light or smells to get past it, which blocks out any foul odours which may or may not appear outside your shop. As well as this, there’s very little chance that any smells will be able to stay on the material, so if any accidents do happen there’s no stench of chemicals hanging around your shop.

Overall, with all of these positive attributes, it is easy to see why aluminium is the superior choice for shop fronts when compared to uPVC. Aluminium is durable, lightweight and much more resistant to naturally occurring chemicals and processes which would wear down other materials faster. It’s got a whole host of properties which make it a desirable choice for shop fronts. These can include things like being reflective of heat and light radiation, and being very malleable, therefore guaranteeing it a use in all kinds of shop designs and door requirements. When you’re looking for a shop door for your business, you want something which is cost effective, easy to look after, and will stay strong for a long time, as so to reduce the time and money spent on repair and maintenance. Thanks to its many appealing features, the aluminium door outperforms the uPVC variant in many ways and is considered the much more suitable option for doors. While it is true that the uPVC could be regarded as a good choice in some areas, it can’t compete with aluminium doors when placed against each other in a contest of suitability for a long term investment.