Anti Finger Trap Doors

NSP-WEDGEWOOD0036-400x600Commercial Door Supplies offer made to order anti-finger trap commercial doors.

Designed for single or double doors anti finger trap commercial doors are ideal for any heavy use building where a finger trap situation on the hinge side is to be avoided.

What is an anti-finger trap door?

A standard commercial door with a concealed overhead closer typically has a 70mm pivot point. This means that when the door is help open at 90 degrees or during its opening and closing action a visible clearance exists. In some situations finger traps can occur.Screen-Shot-2012-01-03-at-08.38.57-600x421

An anti finger trap door uses a very simple yet clever hinge stile that is rounded. As the door pivots on this common pivot point, the rounded anti finger trap stile leaves only a 3mm gap between the hinge stile and the outer frame.

This minimal gap ensures fingers, clothing or hands cannot accidentally be injured should they be placed in the way of a closing door.

Why you should consider an anti finger trap door.

IMG_8359-450x600Anti finger trap doors offer a cost effective yet reliable safety mechanism for any heavy duty public door.

Designed for either single or double action doors, our centre hung commercial doors can be specified as either hold open or non hold open.

Anti-finger trap hinge stiles whilst not a legal requirement are widely used and recommended for any installation where peace of mind is required and today form good working practice in the supply and installation of commercial doors.

Many of our customers choose anti-finger trap commercial aluminium doors as part of their standard product range.

Not just for entrance doors.

Commercial Door Supplies also offer a half rounded anti-finger trap hinge stile designed to accept full width panic bars. This means you can no also specify an anti-finger trap to not just entrance doors but fire exit doors as well.

Hardware for anti-finger trap commercial doors

When used in conjunction with our range of door stiles, mid-rails and bottom rails, you can have a safe and secure anti-finger trap door that is suitable for any type of commercial installation.Our high quality and expertly manufactured aluminium commercial doors can be specified with any type of locking systems, exit device or access control system.