CDS Working To Clean Up Manchester Cycle Hubs

We were asked by our client to help improve the recently vandalised cycle hubs in Greater Manchester including Chadderton and Didsbury. The job required was quite specialist and required us to react quickly to recent vandalism that had taken place across these cycle hubs.

We worked tirelessly all weekend to fabricate new doors and frame so they could be fitted on Monday for a walk round by local Manchester government.

We provided the aluminium doors form our local Manchester HQ unpainted due to the time constraints and arranged for our business partners Technique Coatings to attend and paint in situ the colour is RAL 7016.

Check out the gallery below of the work and the quick fabrication achieved to make this a quick turnaround for our client.

From fabrication to finished work.

We supply our aluminium doors across Manchester and the UK working with local councils and businesses alike with the best service for fitting aluminium doors and industrial doors, if you are looking for services like this then please do get in touch with Matthew today and take advantage of our free site surveys and free advice for your projects.

Safety Features On Aluminium Doors For Education Sectors

What Safety Features Should Go Into Aluminium Doors For Schools?

Schools are important places. They represent to us the training ground of the future generation. Young minds come into the school system to learn and grow. This means that we have a duty of care for the potential doctors, nurses and geniuses of the future. As a result, you’ll notice that almost all schools have put a big emphasis on the way that common things are designed. Doors are just one example of an area where safety can be very important. But what safety features do doors need in order to make sure that they’re suitable for a school environment? To try and help make sure that your school doors check out, we’re going to be taking a look at what’s on the list.

Power Assisted Doors

First things first. Any aluminium door in a school, especially safety doors, need to be able to open up every time without fail. This means that there has to be some kind of assistive motor on the door to enable it to open without much physical exertion from the person trying to get through. Thankfully, aluminium doors are a good candidate for these sorts of motors, because they can be made to suit a wide selection of different door shapes and requirements.

Anti-Finger Traps

Something that you do have to make sure you take into consideration when it comes to aluminium doors in schools is a design that prevents finger traps. There’s a gap between the door and the frame, which often finds little fingers and hands accidentally poking around. And of course if the door closes on that finger or hand… you’ve got a situation that’ll end in tears. Obviously, this presents a need to make sure that the door does not move with great speed or force. A lot of aluminium doors can be built to accommodate a slower closing speed, and also to such a perfect measurement that there’s no room for a finger to wind up inside.

Push Bars

Another safety feature for school doors should be the introduction of push bars. These bars mean that you can quickly and easily get out of a building should you need to. They work by pushing a bar to leave, instead of a handle or door knob. These are best for an aluminium door because they can be designed to accommodate a bar of any size.

Overall, these are just a few of the different safety features that any kind of school door should have. Commercial Door Supplies can provide you with a door which will work for any of these safety features, because we understand the importance of keeping children safe. Kids are the future, and without the proper safeguards and tools you won’t be able to keep them protected while they grow and learn. The doors that you use are just one part in this, which work in tandem with all of the other safety devices in order to make a safe environment.

Here at Commercial Door Supplies we work with the best manufacturers utilising the best technology for your aluminium door systems to keep children in schools and nurseries free from harm. Speak to Matthew today to arrange a free site survey if you are looking to upgrade, replace or repair your aluminium door.

Partnering With Senior Architectural For Best Commercial Aluminium Systems

Why Do We Partner With Senior Architectural?

senior architectural systems






In business, choosing the right partners is so important. You want to work with people you can trust, right? The cornerstone of any successful partnership is trust and a shared goal. However, beyond those basic requirements, there’s a lot of different reasons why people might partner with an organisation. Here at CDS, we supply Senior Architectural with critical aluminium systems, so we’ve got one reason to work with them right there. However, there’s more to it than that, and we’re going to look at why we partner with them in a bit more detail.


One thing that we quite like about Senior Architectural is the amount of products they offer. What we provide to them is the metaphorical tip of the iceberg. Now, you have to understand that having a lot of different products isn’t easy for a business. It’s more stock to acquire, more work to do, and more services to balance and keep at an optimum level. However, Senior Architectural does all this incredibly well, and that’s something that requires not only skill, but dedication as well. It’s something we respect them for deeply, because it’s never an easy task.


One thing about SeniorArchitectural that we really do admire is their commitment to providing people with the best possible service, both during business and after it. Customer satisfaction is something that should be at the heart of any business, but a lot of companies can lose sight of this. It’s not often this happens, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to do so much that you lower the quality of your service inadvertently. However, that’s not something that Senior International have done. All their staff are trained to the highest levels, so you know that you’re getting a warm and friendly expert when you need it. Plus, anyone who rings up the customer service team after they’ve bought a product or service will get the same professional and helpful experience. Their commitment to giving you the best possible experience is extremely admirable.


When you partner with someone, it has to be a company that you can trust to act like professionals through and through. No one wants to deal with a company which abandons professionalism halfway through a transaction, or when things get difficult. What we admire about Senior Architectural is that they are committed to being professionals. They won’t deviate from that, regardless of what happens, so they’re a good partner to have.

Overall, it’s easy to see why we partner up with Senior Architectural. They’re a great organisation overall, and we’re proud to supply them with their aluminium systems. There are few companies as committed to what they do as Senior International, which is a sad thing when you consider that more companies should aim for that high standard. However, we know that they’re a good choice for anyone, which is why we encourage people to look at what they have on offer. Partnering with anyone requires a good eye for capable companies, and we’re pleased to report that we’ve found a very good partner indeed!

Choosing The Right Aluminium Doors For Safety in Schools & Public Buildings

Safety in public places is always of the utmost importance. When people use a space, they expect it to be safe for them, and this is especially important for schools. Children are the future, to coin a phrase, and this sentiment is remarkably accurate. They’re our new doctors, police officers, politicians… and they need safeguarding. Being young and slightly less aware of the dangers of the world, our schools should be a place where children can feel safe and secure. Having the correct doors in your school is therefore essential. But how do you choose the best possible designs?

A Look At Aluminium For Doors

To begin with, let’s take a look at aluminium as a potential material for the doors we put into schools to keep our children safe. Aluminium is a metal which has a lot of impressive features which make it a good choice for building a door with. First and foremost, it’s really tough. It can stand being knocked about, slammed, barged into, and all of the other things it’s likely to have happen to it when it comes to a school environment. Secondly, it’s very easy to mound and shape it into the designs you need. Being a flexible material, it is capable of taking on many different shapes, so that each and every entrance can be accommodated. Even with both of those fantastic features, you’ll also find that aluminium is resistant to rust and degradation which comes from a naturally occurring acid content in the rain. This means that you could position the door on an outward facing location, and it wouldn’t become rusted, which would help to protect the hands of small children, as rusted metal can be sharp and incredibly dangerous if not noticed.

So, What Doors Are Good Doors?

When it comes to keeping children safe, you have to almost think like one to know the hazards. Children are curious and will naturally do things that adults would know isn’t safe. With that in mind, the anti finger trap door is a really smart choice for a school environment. You see, what you find with a lot of doors is that when they open, there’s a gap in between the frame and the door. It’s usually about the equivalent of a 90 degree angle, and is a clear gap. This is where a child would put their fingers into without thinking, or they might do it accidentally. In either instance, the end result is a little like getting caught in a vice. It’s extremely painful for an adult, and it could possibly break the underdeveloped bones of a child.

This is where the anti finger trap door would come in. There’s a rounded stile which is in the way of the gap, which blocks it off and creates a space which is barely 3mm wide. This will prevent any little hands from getting into it. Made of aluminium, the anti finger trap door is extremely tough and durable, which would prevent the stile from breaking and thus keep the door safer for longer. Plus, there are some companies and variants which offer the choice of a smaller rounded stile which fits into a half door, and is capable of supporting bars. This means that you can fit them into things like entrances, fire doors, and whole host of other ways in and out of the school. This helps to give easy access into the property for the students, but it also means that there’s no danger of fingers getting trapped when you’ve got a lot of small children trying to leave in a hurry.

Other kinds of doors which would be good for little ones are those kinds of doors which aren’t as hard to open or close. You don’t want a door which requires a lot of force to open or close, because when that pressure suddenly forces the door open, you may find that people fall forwards. Doors which aren’t capable of closing at speed are also heavily recommended. A slow moving door gives the children time to move out of the way, and prevents potential accidents from happening. Other features include a round and pointless design, which means that there’s less chance of accidents, and also doors which don’t have any massively sharp points at eye level.

Overall, choosing the best possible aluminium doors for use in schools is easy when you know what kind of hazards are likely to be encountered. As we said, it is a question of making sure that you think like a child might in order to understand what they might do. What looks good to go and investigate? What might prove to be something worth inspecting? This kind of mindset will really aid in making sure that the door you choose is the best possible one. Aluminium is a great choice for a safety door, as you can probably tell, because of all of the features it has which are so useful. A durable design means that the rough and tumble atmosphere of a school is not a problem. The flexibility of aluminium, along with its resistance to oxidation and rust, means that there’s any number of different places you can put a door, and it’ll still be able to provide you with exactly what you need. That’s one of the most important elements for a safe door for a school – being able to protect people where it’s important. With that in mind, a lot of places choose to use an anti finger trap door for their school premises. This prevents one of the most common problems which you might experience with a door, and that’s a child sticking their fingers in without knowing what it will do. That’s possibly the most dangerous outcome, and the one you really want to avoid if possible. The anti finger trap door helps to prevent that, by making sure that no matter what happens, there’s no chance of someone injuring themselves.

Transom Door Closers For Safety and Aesthetics

When it comes to door closers, people look at a range of different components to ensure that the door closes properly and safely. However, to try and keep the safety features of an aluminium door, and to also stay consistently stylish, there’s only one type of door closer to use, and that is the Transom door closer.

What Is A Transom Door Closer?

A Transom Door Closer is a device that offers controlled closing of one or two aluminium doors. You’ll find them hidden at the very top of the door and often out of sight. They’re usually stored within the frame head or the top rail of a commercial aluminium doorway. They allow you to control the closing of both a single door, but also the closing of two doors and those doors which go in and out.

The Benefits Of A Transom Door Closer

There are a lot of benefits to having a Transom door closer, as they are a handy way to close doors in your commercial premises. The Transom door is one which will allow you to maintain safety within your premises still. Having a door which can be controlled allows for easy access in and out of the building, which could be crucial in an emergency. As well as this, it allows you to retain the aesthetics of aluminium doors. One of the benefits of aluminium doors is that they can be shaped and coloured to fit any building. When you’ve gone to all of the trouble of getting custom frames created and made, then it can be a terrible waste when you can’t control how they close and when. However, a Transom door closer allows you complete control over your doors, meaning that there are no surprises. This is reinforced by adjustable spring strength, as well as dual closing speeds for ease of use. All of these features help to ensure that the Transom door closer is a flexible and useful device, which can mould to the design of a lot of door shapes and sizes. This is important because you need to be able to open and close your doors without any delay or difficulty, to make sure that anyone can get into and out of the premises without any problems.

Overall, the Transom door closer is something which can be of great help to people and is something that everyone should consider for their business. Having an aluminium door is so valuable for a business because they can have any entry they need to be created for them. This means that there’s potential for any premises to have a safe and stylish door. When paired in tandem with a Transom door cover, you get a door which is designed to be functional and still be whatever you need it to be. It helps to ensure that you can close it whenever you need to and that you can keep the entrance to your premises clear and safe, which could make all the difference in an emergency.

Eaton Manor Building Conservation

Here at Commercial Door Supplies we work on many project up and down the country ranging from well known fast food outlets such as Nando’s to smaller door and window replacement systems. This project came to us a few months ago and the requirement was a little out of the norm from our usual projects in that we were working on a building conservation project and providing our aluminium windows and aluminium doors to the building.

We supplied and delivered a Senior SD Commercial Doorset, Fully Glazed with 24mm DGU to Eaton Manor, a stunning sprawling country estate where people go to experience the quintessential countryside England has to offer.

We have attached a link to a PDF download under the image gallery below of our vans delivering to site.

Remember, we also provide a super fast delivery service too which saves you time on site!

Aluminium Doors – Their Role In Protecting You From Burglaries

Safety and security are two things that we put a great deal of emphasis on in our homes. We need to protect ourselves, and our belongings, from theft and damage. However, for shop owners and their shop fronts, the way that you go about protecting your store isn’t quite the same. To keep their property safe from burglars and criminals, a lot of people use aluminium doors. But how do they protect you, and why are they so useful?

Aluminium – An Overview

To begin with, let us consider the properties of aluminium which makes it such a worthwhile choice for your protection against crimes. Aluminium is a metal which is lightweight, but don’t let that fool you. The material is incredibly durable and robust and can stand to take a lot of battering. As well as this, aluminium can be used to fit a variety of different shapes and sizes and is also incredibly resistant to the natural acidic content in the rain, as well as being slow to oxidise, to the point that it almost seems immune to the process.

Aluminium In Crime Prevention?

Looking at all of those qualities, it is no surprise that aluminium is used a lot of different shop fronts and buildings as a way of preventing crime. Regarding applications for aluminium, there are many different ways that you can implement the material into your shop front.

Firstly, the hidden strength of the material comes to light. Aluminium is durable, stronger than most give it credit for, and this means that anyone trying to get past it to break in will have a much more difficult time than they initially thought. As well as this, you can fit an aluminium door with a deadbolt lock, which has anti-saw pins. This means that it becomes a much more challenging task for someone to force their way into a shop or building.

Secondly, what a lot of people may not realise is that the aluminium doors can be outfitted with access door locks. These are additional locks which help to protect your shop and building further. If someone does get into the building, they’ll find that they can’t progress more than a few feet without being stopped by another door which requires a different lock to be broken. This will hopefully stop a lot of intruders in their tracks and may convince them that the building isn’t worth breaking into at all.

Overall, these are just a few of the ways that aluminium can be used in doors to help protect people from the dangers which come from criminals attempting to break in and cause damage to their properties. In a lot of cases, it is down to the strength of aluminium which helps to secure the premises and keep it safe. The versatility of the material also enables many different locks and security systems to be placed within, allowing for an increased level of safety and security for your building.

There are many accessories that help to protect your business when turning to aluminium doors. There are many aluminium door accessories that also provide a high level of protection such as mag locks, pull handles and high end industrial locks to deter any would be potential burglaries.

If you are looking for a commercial door supplier in the UK for aluminium shop fronts or commercial aluminium entrance ways, CDS are a national supplier with over 20 years experience in the industry. We can fabricate to your needs here in our workshop and deliver next day if required! Speak to Matt for a free consultation.

Why Choosing The Right Fabricator For Aluminium Doors And Shop Fronts Is So Important

When it comes to your aluminium door or aluminium shop front, you want it to be just right for the sake of making your business look professional, sharp and ready to deal with the public. This means that everything needs to be just right, and the door is absolutely no exception. However, when it comes to getting your door or shop front installed, you need to get the right fabricator for the job. But why is selecting the right fabricator for your aluminium doors and shop fronts such an essential part of the process?

Well, hold on, why is my door and shop front such an important part of my shop?

When it comes to your shop, the front of it and the door play more significant roles than you would think. For one, the shop front is what customers will see first when they approach your shop. This is a critical time because they will formulate an initial impression of you and your establishment just by the quality of the front of the store. Something that has faded paint and poorly fitted doors and frames will come across as being a lower quality and tacky place and will make people less inclined to use the store at all.

Another reason that the door and shop front is so important is that they are what protects you from the rain and the elements. There’s an acidic content in the rain which is naturally occurring, but it can be responsible for wearing away the materials used in the construction of shop fronts and doors, making them weaker and causing them to look worse too. This is why having a shop front and entrance which is well designed is so essential.

aluminium doors installed Preston

Perfect fabrication onsite means less time on site making the onsite project cheaper and more fluid.















So, why is choosing the right fabricator such an important part of my door and shop fronts?

When it comes to your shop front and door, many people will know that aluminium is an excellent choice for the materials, as it is both long lasting and resistant to the acid content of rain. Making sure you choose the right fabricator for this aluminium structure is very important however. A good fabricator will come to you and get the measurements while onsite at your store. There’s no measurement which is more accurate than the one taken there and then, as they can see exactly what shape and size the door is, and how big everything needs to be to ensure a tight fit which will slot into place perfectly. The doors can be measured on site, and those measurements can be taken back to the location where the fabricator is based, and from this, they can build the door or shop front to the exact measures which have already been taken, and then deliver them to you. This makes it much more efficient when it comes to making a shop door or front because the measurements are guaranteed to fit exactly as you want them.

So what are the pros and cons of using a good fabricator?

Some of you may not be convinced of just how vital a good fabricator is to the process of getting your doors and shop front fitted, so we’re going to look at some of the pros and cons that having a good fabricator will bring. Or, to look at it another way, what you’ll be gaining from having right fabricated doors and shop fronts, and what you could stand to lose by not having any.

  • Pros

    You’ll get a well fitting shop front and door for your premises
    You don’t have to go back and get the design altered or changed

  • Cons

    Without a good fabricator, you could find that getting a shop front or door is a more time-consuming process
    It could be much more expensive if you get the wrong measurements or the design isn’t correct, as you’ll need to go back and get the shop front made again.

As you can see from the pros and cons, there’s a lot of advantages to having a good fabricator for your aluminium shop design. As the owner of a shop, you want to save as much money as possible, and having to pay for a shop front only to pay for it again is going to put a dent in your finances. Being able to get the measurements done on site so you can get it right first time is much better in terms of not spending too much money on the shop, and you can also rest easy knowing that you’ve built your shop front out of a material which is durable and long-lasting, which means that you won’t need to replace it for quite a long time.

Doors fabricated in house

Aluminium windows and frames measured and fabricated in house at Commercial Door Supplies











Overall, it is easy to see why having a good fabricator for your door and shop front is so important. Time and money are two things in the world which we do not have a lot of, so we try and do everything as efficiently as possible. And when you’re running your shop and business, those sentiments are doubly prominent, as your entire livelihood rests on how well the store does. Therefore, being able to get a shop front and door which fits into the existing structure of your building just right for the first time is critical. This is why a good fabricator is a good idea because no one has the time and money to be spending on multiple attempts at getting something right. It is much more preferable to take half an hour out of one day to help someone come and make measurements for your store, and have them create a door and shop front which is of the right size, shape and design. It ensures that there’s an efficient process of ordering the model that you need, getting the correct measurements taken, and then fitting the entire finished product into your shop, all the while without spending a lot of money and wasting time.

Next time you are thinking of your next commercial project and are looking for a well established national aluminium door and aluminium shop front supplier, think of Commercial Door Supplies. We are known for our professionalism to measuring and fabricating and our knowledge will aid you in the right choice for your project. Why not speak to Matthew today for a free no obligation quote and see how changing your supplier can really benefit your installation business.



The Top Five Aluminium Door Accessories For Your Business

When it comes to providing an efficient door solution for business, it is aluminium doors which are taking the lead regarding pleased organisations. Aluminium is favoured by many as a dooring solution because it is durable and robust, but it is also very lightweight and immune to rusting or being melted away by the natural acid content in the rain. There’s a lot of benefits to be gained from using aluminium as a door, but there’s also a lot of fantastic accessories available which can complement these doors and make them even more versatile. We’re going to be taking a look at the top five here.

Fingerprint locking – AKA Biometrics

First up on our list is the fingerprint locking systems that you can get for aluminium doors. We all know that modern technology is progressing further and further every day. This sadly means it is becoming easier for people to get into a building or facility, regardless of whether they’re allowed to be there or not. However, the good thing is that security is also progressing. Fingerprint locking is a very secure way to ensure that no one gets into the building when they shouldn’t. It is much harder to try and replicate a machine and fool a fingerprint detector than it is to pick a lock. The fingerprint system works by reading the print of a thumb or finger and then matching it up with one of the recognised prints which will open the door. If the print is correct, then it will unlock the door and allow you inside. If not, then the door will not budge. This is a great accessory for your aluminium door and will add another level of security to your building.

Fire door bars

When there is a fire inside your office building, you’re obviously going to want to get out as quickly and as efficiently as possible, to ensure that no one is injured trying to escape the building, and that most importantly everyone does get out in time. Therefore, having a fire door bar on your aluminium door is critical for guaranteeing the safe exit everyone needs. These kinds of doors often require a little more strength to push open, which means that you can’t accidentally open one, and some often trigger another fire alarm when opened, meaning that if you discover a fire on your own, you can alert people to it and then proceed to get out yourself at the same time. Safety during a fire is something that everyone should take seriously, and that’s why a fire door bar is a good idea.

Pull door handles

For ease of simplicity, your aluminium door would benefit from a pull and push door handle. With some door handles, you need to pull a handle and push it down, then push inwards or outwards to open the door. However, if someone isn’t every strong or the door is jammed, this can be a problem as it effectively traps people inside or outside of the building. However, you can get a push and pull handle which work in tandem with a motor on the door. This means that when you pull lightly on the handle, the motor opens the door for you, removing the need for you to do any of the work. It’s a great way for a simplistic and efficient way to open the door in the first place, and ensures that no one will have any issues entering or leaving the building.

Sliding door function

Your aluminium door is something which is already lightweight and easy to move and bend, so it would work well with a sliding door service. Sometimes known as a ‘revolving door’, the system is designed so that when you push on a door, it moves, effectively going around in a circle so you can reach the other side, and another door has moved to take the place of the one you pushed, which will then be put back to its original position once you leave. This is a convenient way for people to come in and out of buildings, and also provides a sense of sophistication and style too, as sliding or revolving doors are often seen in prestigious and influential company buildings.


Another great accessory for your door system is a keypad. Keypads work by a code which is inputted into the keypad, and only a certain code will unlock the door. Concerning security, this is quite good because you can’t trick a keypad into giving you the right combination of letters or numbers to unlock the door. If you don’t know the code, you can’t get into the door at all, and the only way to know would be to stand right behind someone and watch as they put the code in, which would be highly suspicious. When you factor in the idea that you can change the code every month, you have a security system which is harder to compromise than something like a keycard or a key.

Overall, these are the top five aluminium door accessories that your business could have. A lot of accessories do focus on security and safety, which is no bad thing. Your door is an easy way to get into the building, and people who are likely to try and break in will realise this, so having a good security system in place is critical. Not only that, but you want it to be easy for potential customers to come into the building if they want to, and also leave the building if there is an emergency or if there is a danger of a fire. It will help to reassure both the workers and visitors to the building if it is a secure and safe place, and having the correct accessories for your doors can help to accomplish this, as the door is a critical part of the design of the building.