Partnering With Senior Architectural For Best Commercial Aluminium Systems

Why Do We Partner With Senior Architectural?

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In business, choosing the right partners is so important. You want to work with people you can trust, right? The cornerstone of any successful partnership is trust and a shared goal. However, beyond those basic requirements, there’s a lot of different reasons why people might partner with an organisation. Here at CDS, we supply Senior Architectural with critical aluminium systems, so we’ve got one reason to work with them right there. However, there’s more to it than that, and we’re going to look at why we partner with them in a bit more detail.


One thing that we quite like about Senior Architectural is the amount of products they offer. What we provide to them is the metaphorical tip of the iceberg. Now, you have to understand that having a lot of different products isn’t easy for a business. It’s more stock to acquire, more work to do, and more services to balance and keep at an optimum level. However, Senior Architectural does all this incredibly well, and that’s something that requires not only skill, but dedication as well. It’s something we respect them for deeply, because it’s never an easy task.


One thing about SeniorArchitectural that we really do admire is their commitment to providing people with the best possible service, both during business and after it. Customer satisfaction is something that should be at the heart of any business, but a lot of companies can lose sight of this. It’s not often this happens, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to do so much that you lower the quality of your service inadvertently. However, that’s not something that Senior International have done. All their staff are trained to the highest levels, so you know that you’re getting a warm and friendly expert when you need it. Plus, anyone who rings up the customer service team after they’ve bought a product or service will get the same professional and helpful experience. Their commitment to giving you the best possible experience is extremely admirable.


When you partner with someone, it has to be a company that you can trust to act like professionals through and through. No one wants to deal with a company which abandons professionalism halfway through a transaction, or when things get difficult. What we admire about Senior Architectural is that they are committed to being professionals. They won’t deviate from that, regardless of what happens, so they’re a good partner to have.

Overall, it’s easy to see why we partner up with Senior Architectural. They’re a great organisation overall, and we’re proud to supply them with their aluminium systems. There are few companies as committed to what they do as Senior International, which is a sad thing when you consider that more companies should aim for that high standard. However, we know that they’re a good choice for anyone, which is why we encourage people to look at what they have on offer. Partnering with anyone requires a good eye for capable companies, and we’re pleased to report that we’ve found a very good partner indeed!

What Are Hybrid Windows And Why Choose Them?

When you’re searching for the right kind of window, there’s a lot to consider. Whether it is a commercial or domestic property, there are certain factors which have to form the basis of your decision making. You need to make sure that the window you’ve picked is of good strong quality, that it will not be broken into easily, and also that it helps with the energy efficiency of your premises – will it prevent heat from escaping, and also stop cold air from getting in? Of course, trying to find a window which serves all of those functions can be a bit challenging. To try and make sure that the best windows are in place, a lot of people look into using hybrid windows. But what are they, and why should you choose them as the best choice for your building?

So What Actually Is A Hybrid Window?

To begin with, let’s take a look at what a hybrid window is. The hybrid window is aptly named because it is a window which is a combination of two different materials. To give an example, a window might be comprised of a material like aluminium on the outside, but the inside layer may be comprised of something different, like plastic or wood. This means that your window is three different materials if you count the glass panes in the middle.

So Why Should I Choose A Hybrid Window?

This does, of course, prompt the question as to why you should choose a hybrid window at all for your business. Some people might argue that a window comprised of only one material is better for a premises. A material like aluminium, which is designed to be lightweight, durable and rustproof would surely be a more sensible choice for both the interior and exterior of your windows. However, this is where you would be wrong. Having two distinctly different materials for your windows makes a lot of sense when you consider that the inside of the building and the outside of the building are two completely different places. The conditions each area will face aren’t the same, which means that there’s no need for certain characteristics inside the building as well as outside it and vice versa.

For the outside of the windows, of course, something like aluminium is the best possible choice. Having a material which is resistant to rust and natural oxidisation will be of great benefit to any premises because it helps to improve the lifespan of the outer window and ensures that you’re not spending a lot of money for replacing them. Furthermore, it helps to ensure that the heat is kept inside the building, and isn’t lost to the cold through gaps in the windows. There’s also much more choice when it comes to colour and design too, as aluminium is a very flexible material. Plus with a wide choice of different finishes allows for powder coated aluminium, which further heightens it’s lifespan when putting it up against such things as coastal premises or places with high amounts of storms.

The inside of the windows however are an entirely different matter. The need for longevity and practicality is still there, but it’s not as obvious that this is what the designs are going for. Here, we have a wooden interior which is designed to both be good looking but also helpful regarding efficiency. Not only will a wooden timber interior be more appealing for an office, but it can also be painted to ensure that it fits in with the decoration scheme. Plus, wood can conduct heat quite well, being a natural and insulating substance, so it’ll prevent excess warmth from escaping the building.

From an environmental perspective, you’re going to be doing a good thing by using a hybrid window. As a company with a reputation, you don’t want to be known for contributing to the damage already inflicted on the environment on a daily basis. However, the good thing about aluminium and timber interiors is that they’re both fully recyclable, and can be reused again and again. This means that even when you want to change up your hybrid windows, it does not matter because they’ll be safely disposed of.

Overall, these are just a few of the different reasons why you should be using hybrid windows, and why they’re the clear and obvious choice for your premises. For a lot of premises, finding the right kinds of windows is something of the utmost importance. They’re as important as the door you’ve chosen, and play a vital role in the building too. A window can be used to see out of, obviously, but it’s also a component which is used to keep the building cool in the summer and warm in the winter. That is what makes it such an important element of the building, and that’s why it is critical that you choose the right windows for your needs. A hybrid window is a sensible option, blending two materials which aren’t always paired together. On the one hand, you’ve got the aluminium material, which has been designed to be a perfectly good frame for the outside. It’s durable, strong and reliable, and can be finished to cope with any environment. On the other hand, you’ve then got the timber inside the building. This has been designed to be luxurious on the inside, and then a good insulator at the same time. This makes it ideal when you’re trying to keep heat in. With all of these benefits, it is easy to see why people choose to have hybrid windows. They’ve been designed to be a fantastic combination of both practicality and style and would help to compliment the look of any professional building, regardless of setting. When you factor in how useful they are from an environmental perspective too, you have a design which is rapidly picking up speed among the corporate world.

We supply hybrid window systems to schools, colleges, hospitals and businesses throughout the UK with onsite fabrication so that your windows and doors are measured and designed to suit your needs.

Shopfront Supplied For Carter Lauren for Nandos

Updated 19/09/2017

Following on from the article below here is the finished product to Nando’s storefront! Amazing work from the Carter Lauren guys and all supplied and fabricated by us.

nandos shopfronts supplied by commercial door supplies

We were asked by another one of our partners Carter Lauren to design, manufacture and install a new Shopfront at the new development at the Lexicon in Bracknell. 

We are supplied the following shopfront items and accessories:

  • 200x200mm0.8 Steelwork. 
  • SENIOR SF52 Curtain Walling, SENIOR SFG-SD Commercial Doorset. jumbo 6mm Toughened Double Glazed units. 

Here’s some pictures so far. 


Commercial Door Supplies Replace Windows!

You wouldn’t think it, but we have a repair and maintenance division here at CDS which means that if you ever have a problem with any of your commercial doors or windows we are on hand to supply and repair and maintain your aluminium doors or windows. As a business, we work with the education sector, retail, office and public offices, we can provide a full maintenance contract or just ad hoc repairs as and when required to supply and fit.

This recent aluminium window repair was for a job in NJOY student accommodation after a window had been broken. We were called out and sent one of our trained engineers to refit the window completely. So for repairs and maintenance why not speak to Matt our sales director who can help with any questions you have.

Recent aluminium window installation NJOY apartments Manchester

The Importance of Aluminium In High Traffic Buildings

Here at Commercial Door Supplies we always get asked questions about the best types of fittings for areas of high traffic especially for schools and hospitals and other public sector buildings. In this article we talk about the importance of using aluminium doors and windows in high traffic buildings.

When building structures for commercial use, for example, places like hospitals and shops, and for public use, such as the premises for a local council, it is important to choose materials that will be a sound financial investment, maintain a high level of quality and will last for a long time. To that effect, many corporations will choose to use aluminium in their buildings, using it to create doors and other structures within the building. But why do people want aluminium? Here are 3 main core reasons as to why we use aluminium in our windows and doors for commercial usage.

The Attributes of Aluminium

First of all, it’s important to look at the attributes of aluminium that make it an appealing choice for a construction material. Despite being a relatively soft material, aluminium is surprisingly durable and hardwearing, being able to withstand large amounts of punishment and still stand strong. It is also quite a malleable metal, which makes it versatile and useful in many different situations. A particularly helpful aspect of aluminium in regards to the medical and scientific sectors is that it will reflect nearly all of any medium or far infrared radiation. As well as this, the chemical composition of aluminium allows it to resist corrosion well. This is because there’s a surface layer of aluminium oxide which forms when the metal is directly exposed to air, and this layer prevents oxidation from taking place.

Hardwearing and Durable

These attributes make aluminium a good choice for doors and other structures. The firm nature of the metal ensures that you can build securely with it, and it’s also inexpensive to produce, meaning that many large scale companies will use it for its flexible nature. To that end, it has been used on many occasions by organisations like the NHS due to its inexpensive nature and the strength it holds, meaning it’s less likely to require constant maintenance, which is extremely beneficial in a fast paced and hectic environment, which doctors and hospitals usually are. As well as this, aluminium is a recyclable metal, which gives it an advantage over other metals, because it can be reused and reworked to suit a different purpose, which can be helpful in saving money over a long term.

Solid and Reliable

The metal is employed in a variety of different places, not just in hospitals and doctor’s surgeries. Shop fronts will also use aluminium, as it is hard wearing and immune to corrosion, which would be particularly important in coastal areas, where any storms that pass over the country will affect there first and sometimes hardest. Overall, the choice to use aluminium in these structures is backed by the high levels of versatility and strength that the metal has. It’s inexpensive nature, and durable composition means that aluminium is employed by many different organisations on large scales as an affordable and intelligent way of creating sturdy doors and structures. As well as this, it’s overall durability and protection against natural forms of corrosion, such as small quantities of acid in the rain, make it a durable material that doesn’t require a high or consistent level of repair.

So, as you can see these are great reasons to use aluminium and here at Commercial Door Supplies we are the nation’s leading fabricators of aluminium doors and windows for the commercial sector. We understand aluminium systems and can help you understand the best solution for your needs. Why not speak to Matthew today on 0161 343 1263 for a free no obligation quote for your next job.

The Benefits of Aluminium Windows

If you’re looking to replace your windows, have you considered aluminium? By choosing aluminium windows, you could add huge benefits to your home that make this choice a great investment.

Here are some reasons why you should choose aluminium windows:

Energy efficient Aluminium Frames 

Unlike PVC for example, aluminium windows can contain heat by up to 60% if combined with a thermal break. By adding this element, energy costs can be dramatically reduced. This is a real plus point for businesses or home owners who seek to keep costs down in competition with the rise of energy rates. Many of our customers say they can feel the difference moving from their old windows to aluminium windows.

Low maintenance Designs

Unlike other materials, aluminium is resistant to corrosion which means the need for a replacement is very unlikely. It shouldn’t crack, split or swell which can often be the case with other materials, and it could even last between 20-30 years with very little maintenance. Bad weather won’t affect your windows which is often a worry, especially in the UK; due to the typical British gale force winds, torrential rain and snow. Also, as aluminium is very malleable it can be bent in to shape without having to cut and rivet meaning there is less chance of joints breaking.

Cost-effective Aluminium Windows

As if the benefits above weren’t enough of a pull, aluminium windows are highly affordable and could cost even less than other framing options. With the reasonable price, durability and energy efficient benefits, aluminium is a real winner in comparison to the alternatives. Aluminium is a cheap material, so this saving is passed on to you the customer.

Aluminium Windows have Great designs 

In previous years, aluminium was considered only suitable for schools or city buildings due to the industrial look, yet this is no longer the case. Aluminium is now used for domestic buildings due to the fact that its framework has slimmed down and can be bought in a range of colours both internally and externally, depending on preference.

Aluminium Strength

Aluminium as a material is very strong and this makes your property more secure. Having aluminium door frames and window frames is a clear deterrent to potential burglars.

Aluminium is Recyclable

If you are eco-friendly and hope to reduce your carbon footprint, investing in aluminium windows could help you achieve this. If you ever feel you would like to replace your aluminium windows in years to come, they are 100% recyclable. Through the recycle process, it only takes 5% of the energy used to initially create those windows.