Simon De Senlis Fire Internal Screens

We recently supplied 7 fire rated internal windows to be installed at Simon De Senlis Primary School in East Hunsbury, Northampton. The school of around 450 students is part of a warm and vibrant school community, it was originally opened in 1996 with some extension work done in 2004. The school was in need of some more small extension work, so Curtain Walling supplied by us at Commercial Door Suppliers was ideal for their purposes.

Before image of classroom

before image of classroom

The school’s head teacher Tom Rees was very happy with the fire rated windows we supplied, windows of course being perfect for development of a small school that needs to consider its budget very carefully. As the curtain wall is non-structural it can be made of a lightweight material, reducing construction costs. As anyone who goes to or teaches at a school, our products have, as always, stood the test of time. This is even more impressive for products that get such a heavy use in schools. Working in schools presents timescale challenges. There is in some cases, like February and Easter half-term, when there is only a very short period in which all of the work can be carried out. Surprising as it is, curtain walling can be installed very fast, especially when being done by experienced installation teams.

Luckily in terms of supply in the case of our work here, through an extensive range of profiles and accessories, can offer comprehensive aluminium windows, window walling and ground floor treatment in single-storey or multi-storey options in either stick build or ladder frame construction. We do relish the opportunity to make life easier for the kids learning space, and for the teachers working in the education system. We look forward to supplying more of our tailor made windows and window products to other primary schools, secondary schools / academies and colleges who require affordable and secure extension work for their space.

Simon De Senlis Fire Internal Screens