Door closer options

The door closer in a commercial door is one of the most important components.

Not only is it vitally important in providing effective door control, but it is also plays a part in Health and Safety, Smoke Control, to meet the needs of the Equality Act and Current Building Regulations.

Fabricated Commercial Doors with high quality door closers.

Our range of fabricated commercial doors are fitted with a choice of door closers depending on their application and intended use.

All are guaranteed to be be reliable and an integral part of why commercial doors are fit for purpose in high traffic applications.

Transom Closers

Also referred to as concealed overhead closers, these are hidden in the frame head and top rail of a commercial aluminium door.

They offer controlled closing of single action opening doors as well as doors that open both in and out.

Face Fixed Closers

Our range of surface mounted or face fixed closers provide effective opening and closing solutions for both internal and external doors.

They can also be retrofitted to existing timber or steel doors if required.

Cam Action Door Closers.

Cam Action door closers offer all the facilities of surface mounted door closer.

Unlike the surface mounted closer it has a cam action arm that operates as a slide arm rather than a rack and pinion.

Floor Springs

Floor springs can be used on very large commercial aluminium doors but we recommend you check their suitability first.

They are predominantly intended for heavy duty large doors or for all glass doors with patch fittings, floor springs work with single and double action doors.

Let us help you choose the right door closer for new or existing commercial doors.

Whether you are buying a new commercial door or wish to replace the door closer on an existing aluminium door, we can help. We can offer the right advice on which door closing device will best meet your construction or renovation project.

Contact us for expert help and advice.