Keypad Entry Systems

For sophisticated control and monitoring of commercial aluminium doors, we offer these with a diverse range of keypad entry systems.

Our range of keypad entry systems range from simple keypad locks to more sophisticated systems with advanced monitoring, record keeping and connection to building alarm or security systems.

Types of keypad entry systems.

Commercial Door Supplies offer a choice of digital keypad locks to suit individual uses and budgets.  These include:

  • Standalone digital keypads
  • Keypads with proximity card access control systems
  • Data transfer, personnel and system monitoring.

Each can adapt to every access control application requirement.  There is a choice from internal or external devices, vandal resistant hardware, wireless and much more.

With each keypad entry system it will be necessary to choose a suitable electric strike with compatible latch lock or a magnetic lock. Additional power supply units may also be required.

Our doors are provided with all the hardware provided ready to be wired and commissioned by a competent and qualified installer or electrician.

Generally you will work with these contractors at the same time as the doors are installed.

Where keypad entry systems provide solutions.

Hotels, care homes, convention centres, secure office buildings and any area with restricted access can benefit from having commercial aluminium doors with keypad entry systems fitted.

Whether you require a brand new entrance or wish to improve your existing one, contact us for further advice on the best products to suit your needs.

A large range of electronic security products for effective access control are available providing building owners with cost effective products that will operate reliably for years to come.

Commercial Door Supplies offer this advanced yet simple to provide access control range backed by a dedicated customer service and aftercare that provides the most suitable product to suit the application.

Supply only products are provided with comprehensive installation instructions. The supply and install service ensures a swift and prompt installation with full information and training given to the end user.

Commercial Door Supplies offer a nationwide service with a free consultation service to determine clients’ precise needs and to provide the most suitable product that will be fit for purpose.

The Access Control range offers Security Products, Electronic Access Control Products, Standalone and Network Keypad Entry Systems, Proximity Readers, Radio Receivers and Accessories.

Also available are:

  • Lithium and Back up Battery packs
  • Call point, anti vandal and easy use Break Glass Controls
  • Biometric finger print readers, biometric enrollers, transmitters and keypads
  • Free standing access bollards
  • Stand alone network and independent controllers
  • Card Fob, key fobs, keypads, pendant fobs, proximity cards and transmitters
  • Key Switches for a variety of cylinder types and sizes
  • A wide variety of push button controllers
  • Infra Red and battery Photo Cell Kits
  • Power Supply Units
  • Relays & Timers to suit fused, fire relay, extra relay, fused output modules and multi function timers
  • Proximity Readers
  • Radio Receivers
  • Sounders And Strobes for visual and acoustic effect
  • Stand Alone keypad controls