Latch Locks

Latch locks are ideal where effective control of entry and exit is required.  They are also required where a commercial door is required to latch shut every time.

Commercial Door Supplies’ doors fitted with our quality range of latch locks will meet the specification needs and UK as well as European security standards.

Latch locks can also be used either as stand alone locks or can be enhanced with a range of manual or electric locking options.

Where you can specify a latch lock.

Latch locks are used in any type of door where access and exit needs to be controlled.

This means only authorised key holders or those given access to a building (via buzz entry or swipe card system) can operate the lock.

Further flexibility is offered by specifying your latch lock with the correct hardware to provide a wide range of opening and closing options. These include:

  • Either controlled exit and entry
  • Controlled entry but free exit
  • Free Entry but controlled exit

Entrance doors to flats, doors to secure offices, buzz entry systems and many more applications call for a latch lock.

Our commercial doors fitted with latch locks can be operated via key/key, key turn, push to exit handles or lever handle one side only as well as remove operation via buzz entry or similar access control requirement.

Latch locks are highly secure, reliable and functional.

Tried and tested in virtually all types of buildings, our doors fitted with a latch lock offer a cost effective access control solution.

You can further enhance the security of the door during night time or out of hours by choosing an optional hook lock giving a second locking point.

The hook lock gives an additional high security locking point when required but when unlocked enables the door to function during the day as an access door giving

Convenience comes in using keyed alike cylinders if required ensuring only one key is used to operate both types of locks.

Our range of deadlatches can be used with a suitable paddle handle to provide an emergency exit facility to doors.

Latch lock types and sizes available

Commercial Door Supplies offer a range of latch locks to suit different applications and requirements. All are designed to work with either key/key or key/turn operation as well as our range of electric release strikes.

Available backsets are 22.2mm, 24.6mm, 28.6mm and 38.1mm to suit all types of doors.

Latch lock specifications.

  • The Auxiliary bolt feature deadlocks the latch when the door is closed against the strike.
  • Operates using mortice cylinder, thumbturn  with suitable cams as well as lever or other furniture.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Electric Strikes to provide remote access control.
  • Designed for use on aluminium doors.
  • The latch is interchangeable without stile modification with our Deadlock product.
  • Latchbolt reversible and supplied non handed unless specified.
  • Maximum operational door gap is 5mm.
  • Independently tested to 1 million cycles.

Latch Locks with additional Deadlock.

Where doors are required to latch shut but without the restrictions of access control, we offer a latch with additional deadlock.

A Hook lock is provided for night time/out of hours locking. When the door is unlocked a latch provides closure for the door.

The latch can be operated with a lever handle or thumb turn on the inside only giving unrestricted exit but controlled entry. An optional latch hold back facility is also available to provide unrestricted entry and exit if required.

This lock is ideal for example when a store may be closed, customers are not allowed to enter but staff can leave the building unhindered.

Round Cylinder Deadlatch.

Our round cylinder deadlatch is required if you have requirements for door locking with round cylinders. It offers security with effective door control.

The latch can be permanently retracted if unrestricted entry and exit is required.

Ideal for any commercial door being fitted as entrances to flats and apartments.

The cylinder requirement is any standard 29.4mm Mortice Cylinder or Thumbturn cylinder with 32tpi (turns per inch).

Europrofile Cylinder Deadlatch

Offers all the specifications of the round cylinder deadlatch but operates with a europrofile cylinder.

Cost effective doors with efficient and high security locks.

If you are looking for an easy to specify access door, contact us for more information and prices.

We provide all our doors having latch locks with the required face plates and escutcheons, standard high security cylinders (standard or offset cams) and three keys.

You can also choose, keyed alike cylinders, thumb turn cylinders, master keyed cylinders and extra key blanks are also available.

Doors are supplied with standard pad handles both sides, flush bolts to slave leaves of double doors.