Safety Features On Aluminium Doors For Education Sectors

What Safety Features Should Go Into Aluminium Doors For Schools?

Schools are important places. They represent to us the training ground of the future generation. Young minds come into the school system to learn and grow. This means that we have a duty of care for the potential doctors, nurses and geniuses of the future. As a result, you’ll notice that almost all schools have put a big emphasis on the way that common things are designed. Doors are just one example of an area where safety can be very important. But what safety features do doors need in order to make sure that they’re suitable for a school environment? To try and help make sure that your school doors check out, we’re going to be taking a look at what’s on the list.

Power Assisted Doors

First things first. Any aluminium door in a school, especially safety doors, need to be able to open up every time without fail. This means that there has to be some kind of assistive motor on the door to enable it to open without much physical exertion from the person trying to get through. Thankfully, aluminium doors are a good candidate for these sorts of motors, because they can be made to suit a wide selection of different door shapes and requirements.

Anti-Finger Traps

Something that you do have to make sure you take into consideration when it comes to aluminium doors in schools is a design that prevents finger traps. There’s a gap between the door and the frame, which often finds little fingers and hands accidentally poking around. And of course if the door closes on that finger or hand… you’ve got a situation that’ll end in tears. Obviously, this presents a need to make sure that the door does not move with great speed or force. A lot of aluminium doors can be built to accommodate a slower closing speed, and also to such a perfect measurement that there’s no room for a finger to wind up inside.

Push Bars

Another safety feature for school doors should be the introduction of push bars. These bars mean that you can quickly and easily get out of a building should you need to. They work by pushing a bar to leave, instead of a handle or door knob. These are best for an aluminium door because they can be designed to accommodate a bar of any size.

Overall, these are just a few of the different safety features that any kind of school door should have. Commercial Door Supplies can provide you with a door which will work for any of these safety features, because we understand the importance of keeping children safe. Kids are the future, and without the proper safeguards and tools you won’t be able to keep them protected while they grow and learn. The doors that you use are just one part in this, which work in tandem with all of the other safety devices in order to make a safe environment.

Here at Commercial Door Supplies we work with the best manufacturers utilising the best technology for your aluminium door systems to keep children in schools and nurseries free from harm. Speak to Matthew today to arrange a free site survey if you are looking to upgrade, replace or repair your aluminium door.