Transom Door Closers For Safety and Aesthetics

When it comes to door closers, people look at a range of different components to ensure that the door closes properly and safely. However, to try and keep the safety features of an aluminium door, and to also stay consistently stylish, there’s only one type of door closer to use, and that is the Transom door closer.

What Is A Transom Door Closer?

A Transom Door Closer is a device that offers controlled closing of one or two aluminium doors. You’ll find them hidden at the very top of the door and often out of sight. They’re usually stored within the frame head or the top rail of a commercial aluminium doorway. They allow you to control the closing of both a single door, but also the closing of two doors and those doors which go in and out.

The Benefits Of A Transom Door Closer

There are a lot of benefits to having a Transom door closer, as they are a handy way to close doors in your commercial premises. The Transom door is one which will allow you to maintain safety within your premises still. Having a door which can be controlled allows for easy access in and out of the building, which could be crucial in an emergency. As well as this, it allows you to retain the aesthetics of aluminium doors. One of the benefits of aluminium doors is that they can be shaped and coloured to fit any building. When you’ve gone to all of the trouble of getting custom frames created and made, then it can be a terrible waste when you can’t control how they close and when. However, a Transom door closer allows you complete control over your doors, meaning that there are no surprises. This is reinforced by adjustable spring strength, as well as dual closing speeds for ease of use. All of these features help to ensure that the Transom door closer is a flexible and useful device, which can mould to the design of a lot of door shapes and sizes. This is important because you need to be able to open and close your doors without any delay or difficulty, to make sure that anyone can get into and out of the premises without any problems.

Overall, the Transom door closer is something which can be of great help to people and is something that everyone should consider for their business. Having an aluminium door is so valuable for a business because they can have any entry they need to be created for them. This means that there’s potential for any premises to have a safe and stylish door. When paired in tandem with a Transom door cover, you get a door which is designed to be functional and still be whatever you need it to be. It helps to ensure that you can close it whenever you need to and that you can keep the entrance to your premises clear and safe, which could make all the difference in an emergency.