What Is A Curtain Wall?

When people look for a way to keep their building protected and yet stylish, they often think of the curtain wall as a way to facilitate this. Curtain walls are an invention which has been around for years, and they’re trendy due to the range of benefits which they offer to a building. We’re going to be taking a look at what the curtain wall is, and how it can benefit your commercial business. Also, we will take a look at other factors to complement this including aluminium entrance doors, aluminium windows and other systems we use to make a curtain wall system stand out.

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So, what is a curtain wall?

A curtain wall is often referred to as being a thin wall which is predominantly comprised of aluminium. It contains elements of glass and also stone in its composition. The wind and any gravity loads of the curtain wall are transferred to the building itself as opposed to the wall, as a way to protect them from being damaged.

The curtain wall system is one which takes roots from something which was designed in the 1930’s. They were only really developed properly one WWII had ended, and the aluminium which had created them was no longer put aside solely for military use.

The curtain wall itself is something which is available in many different shapes and sizes. On the one hand, you have the conventional system from the catalogue of a provider, and on the other, you have custom designs to suit any building. Naturally, you’ll find yourself paying a higher price for a custom-made design, but it does ensure that any surface can be outfitted with the wall if it is required.

So, what are the benefits of a curtain wall?

Thankfully, there are many benefits to using a curtain wall system, enough to convince even the most cynical of people. One significant benefit is that it allows for the introduction of natural light into a building. Natural light is a big benefit to the productivity of a workplace, as a lot of people know that increases efficiency, and improves focus. Also, for larger industrial buildings natural light is so important because it saves on potentially huge electricity bills but can also keep the warmth in saving money on your heating bills too.

Furthermore, you’ll find that the entire wall helps to maintain a tight fit of air. This means that the air is trapped between the curtain wall and the building. This keeps the warm air in during the winter, and the cooler air caused by the heating systems during the summer. This helps to improve energy efficiency in a big way. When paired with the correct glass, you have a curtain wall which also helps to block out UV radiation. The energy efficiency provided by curtain walls ensure that the costs of heating or cooling a building are much lower than previously.

Another benefit of the curtain wall is that it is a very quick object to create. Because the material and design are so lightweight and simple, it’s easy to fabricate at high speed, which makes it a fast and efficient solution for anyone looking to have one installed on their premises. This is further complimented by a prompt and quick delivery to the customer, as well as on-site installation to ensure that the curtain wall is in place promptly.

Are there different types of curtain walls?

For the aspiring business, there are three distinctive types of curtain wall, all of which possess different characteristics and attributes. The first of which, the SCW system, utilises a suite of 50mm sections. These sections, when adequately utilised, create a curtain wall that takes on a very uniform and symmetrical appearance on both the inside and the outside.

The second type of curtain wall system which you may encounter is the SF52 system. This is something which is very versatile and very easy to utilise in a variety of different places. This a system which allows for a wide selection of different frames and glass to be used without compromising on quality and design. This is because of a fully capped system and a well-designed curtain wall which allows for a mix and match approach. In doing so, the SF52 can integrate itself into a variety of different office buildings and still look impeccable.

The third and final curtain wall system which could be available for someone is the SMR system. This emphasizes being easy to install and also being suitable for any environment. Designed to be active on both high rise and low rise buildings, the SMR is something which is perfect for buildings with a larger facade and is also quite straightforward to implement and introduce into the existing structure.

Overall, the curtain wall is something which has been in use for so many years, and it is easy to see why. The concept behind the wall is simple. By making sure that there is a plentiful source of light coming into the building, and also making sure that you can easily trap heat from leaving the building or cold air from leaving depending upon the season and the requirement. Being comprised of aluminium is something which aids the curtain wall, as a lot of people are well aware that aluminium is both highly durable and very resistant to many forms of weathering. Being a flexible material is also extremely helpful because it allows people to shape the curtain walls to suit their taste and preference. These are all qualities which make the curtain wall such a desirable feature for offices, providing a way to help keep costs down while at the same time creating a very sleek and stylish looking building.

For any business, there are three different kinds of curtain wall which are available to choose from. They all have distinct advantages, and all work best in different scenarios. By following the link here, you can view them all, and get a better understanding of the kind of curtain wall system which would be best for your building. However, it irrespective of what you choose to do or the kind of system you choose to implement, we’re sure that you’ll be able to fully appreciate all of the unique benefits and positive features a curtain wall can offer.

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